Our Local Suppliers

Landlady & Sophie

When we say Local we mean Local……..

Vegetables- Adam Kerrie, Sandhurst

Potatoes- The Potato shop, Tenterden

Baby Leaf Salads- Cherry Tree Farm, Stone-Cum-Ebony

Meat- Natural Farms, Ewhurst Green and P.A Fisher, Hastings

Bread- Lighthouse Bakery Ewhurst Green

Game- John Jones, Staplecross and our Local shoot, Staplecross and Goudhurst Shoot

Fish- South Coast Fish, Dungeness and P.H. Fisher Hastings

Eggs- Shaun Taylor, Ewhurst Green, Mo Giles, Staplecross Ben & Harriet Pay, Goudhurst

Milk, Cream and Yoghurt’s- Northiam Dairy

Cheese and Dry Stores- Maws Fine foods

Oil- Edible Oil, Rye Harbour

Told you we said Local……